About Nimai’s Cookbook

When I was 10, I asked my mom if I could take over making dinner. She took a chance on me and said yes. We went to the grocery store together and picked out all the ingredients I would need prepare dinner for my family. This time together– mother and daughter strolling the aisles and talking about food– made a positive impact on me. I learned about what ingredients are necessary for the dishes I loved to eat and in what way each ingredient was beneficial for my body. Cooking for my family that night revealed the work that actually went into meal preparation. My respect for my mom and kitchen grew. In the end, the biggest gratification came from the service I had provided for my family– a healthy, tasty meal cooked with love.

 Since then I have cultivated a fervorous passion for cooking. I have written about food in popular blogs such as Impose Magazine, where I wrote recipes and shared stories from my life as if the reader were sitting with me in the kitchen; The Talkhouse, where I wrote recipes for albums that were being released and based the dish on the material of each song; and most importantly, I have this online cookbook that I am the sole contributor for. All of my recipes are vegetarian with a focus on vegan, gluten-free, and Whole30 diets. My recipes were also featured in Real Food, Real Kitchens’ newest cookbook– “Real Food, Real Kitchens: New York Cookbook”— where my food was selected to be on the cover.

 Through this exposure, I have been fortunate enough to bring my cooking on the road! I have held successful cooking demonstrations in Detroit, Washington DC, Melbourne, Australia, and New York City in conjunction with different public events. This started my quest to offer my humble service of teaching cooking. I now teach children, ages 3-16, how to cook plant-based food at a Montessori school in Florida.