Nimai’s Philosophy


If knowledge is power, than I believe the most powerful tool in a person’s tool kit is knowing how to nourish their growing bodies with nutritious, peaceful, mostly plant-based food. Armed with health and an awareness of where our food comes from and how it affects our bodies, we have a better chance of growing to be strong people who can protect ourselves against poor food choices, can be confident in the kitchen, and can lead our friends by example.

Meals unite us– not a single person in this world is above eating. It’s the most inclusive activity on the planet! What we eat has a direct affect on our moods which will influence how we see ourselves, how we treat others, and how much energy we are able to exert to ensure that we can be of service to those around us. A better understanding of food choices and meal preparation has the power to create a strong foundation for our children to grow enthusiastically as a participating, compassionate and functioning member of our society and for ourselves to be a leading, peaceful member of society.