Private Lessons

Please, let me be your guest! I will come to the comfort of your home to teach you any recipe you select from my online cookbook.

Time frame with you: Minimum 2 hours// Maximum 4 hours

Pricing: $35/ hour + groceries

Booking Nimai: email to set up a private lesson!


The Telg family– Lindsey, Brandon and Johann– holding the dinner I taught Brandon to make.

Brandon: “I hired Nimai for private cooking lessons and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was a 28 year old with less knowledge in the kitchen than my own children. I do not exaggerate when I say that I learned more during a few hours with Nimai than in the rest of my life combined. After learning from Nimai, the first time I made a meal for my family without having to ask for help, I actually cried because it was such a moment of self-empowerment. I credit this solely to her teaching. I now feel confident to walk into the kitchen and make dinner for my entire family, and in fact, I’ve done it successfully!”

Lindsey: “Like many families, we fell into somewhat traditional roles when it came to meal preparation. At 5pm, you could always find me in the kitchen while my husband played with your children. He tried many times to learn to cook, using online recipes or meal kits, but ultimately never had to skills to get dinner on the table as efficiently as needed for our family of 4. Nimai changed all that in just a few short hours! She left my husband not only with recipes, but actual kitchen skills and confidence in his ability to bring home the veggies and fry them up too! Now the kids are enjoying equal playtime with Mom!”


Alexandra Pla feeling confident with her new-found kitchen skills

Alexandra: “I am so happy I decided to reach out to Nimai for my private cooking lesson. I have never felt confident in the kitchen until my time with her. I learned more about cooking in my two hour lesson than I have in my 32 years. Thank you again and I look forward to more lessons with you.”

Lindsey Telg beginning her quick, healthy cooking adventure

Lindsey: “By reaching for frozen waffles or whatever quick, processed foods are in the house, I’m only feeling sicker and sicker. I’ve been trying to feed my family healthier stuff, but just don’t know how too. I come from a ‘meat and potatoes’ family growing up. I see all of these veggies in the produce section and they are a mystery to me– that’s why I was excited to learn more from Nimai! Of everything I learned to make, I immediately ate the big Buddha Bowl for lunch. I never thought I would want seconds of tofu and vegetables, but this just opened up a whole new world of possibilities! And my son loves the Banana Muffins. He’s licked his plate clean and is already on his second one!”